Privacy Policy - SOS EU ALP

Privacy Policy SOS EU ALP


Thank you for your interest in our SOS-EU-ALP App, which was developed calling back or contacting and locating a person in case of emergency. We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data and only process them in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. With this data protection declaration, we inform you about the processing of your personal data when using the SOS-EU-ALP app.

We reserve the right to adapt this data protection declaration at any time due to legal or technical developments. The version published on this page applies.


Status 02.06.2022


  • Responsible for data processing:

Leitstelle Tirol gemeinnützige GmbH
Hunoldstraße 17a
6020 Innsbruck

Data protection officer: 
Dr. Peter Klaunzer
Dres. Klaunzer & Klausner, Rechtsanwälte
Anichstraße 6
6020 Innsbruck


  • Userdata in the App

Personal data (user data)
First name [text data]
Last name [text data]
Mobile number [text data]
E-mail address (optional) [text data]
Address [text data]
Postal code [text data]
City [text data]
Additional information free text field (optional) [text data]

Medical data (optional user data)
Number of your health insurance [text data]
Name of your health insurance [text data]
Number of your supplementary health insurance [text data]
Allergies [text data]
Medicine [text data]
Contact person name [text data]
Contact person phone number [text data]

Location data
GPS Position Latitude [Text Data]
GPS Position Longitude [Text Data]
Altitude in meters [text data]
Tolerance [text data]
Time stamp of position determination [date/time]


Additional Submitted Data
ISO country code
Set language on the device
State of charge of the battery in percent
Type of message (test or real emergency message)


  • Purpose of use

The personal data is required to enable a call back or contact and localization of a person seeking help. Location data is used to determine your position. This data is sent to the responsible control centre in the event of data transmission (in an emergency or for test purposes).

The location data can also be used to find the nearest defibrillator. The necessary location data is linked to the app server from and displayed via the integrated Openstreet Map.

In the current version of the app, medical data is only stored in the SOS-EU-ALP app. This data is not transmitted to other systems.


  • Data transmission

In the event of an emergency, the position and personal data are transmitted in encrypted form to the control center responsible for the location via https. Current areas of application for this data transmission are the control centres of the federal states of Tyrol, South Tyrol and Bavaria.


  • Use of Location History Data Collected

The location data is used to determine the position of the user, so that in the event of an emergency, employees at the responsible control center can be used to help locate missing persons or persons who have had an accident.


The optional additional function "location history" can be used by the user to continuously transmit the location data to a server. The transmission is not limited in time and must be explicitly stopped again by the user. In the event of a search or missing person report, authorized employees of the control center Tirol non-profit GmbH can access the historical data. This access is only permitted in direct connection with a reported emergency or search report (request by the police or verified relatives).


  • How long is your data stored?

If you install and use the SOS-EU-ALP app, your personal data will be stored on your device so that it can be sent directly to the responsible control centre in an emergency.

In use, the data protection principles of data storage apply based on the Tyrolean Rescue Service Act 2009 § 14 in the current version.

In the case of transmitted datarecords, the personal data is stored on a server of the Leitstelle Tirol gemeinnützigen GmbH. After 24 hours, this data is automatically saved in an anonymous format. With the optional additional function “location history”, the location history data is automatically deleted after 72 hours.

  • What data protection rights do you have?

You can request information on the origin, the categories, the storage period, the recipients, the purpose of the data we process about you and the type of processing.

If we process data about you that is incorrect or incomplete, you can request that it be corrected or completed. You can also request the deletion of unlawfully processed data. Please note, however, that this only applies to incorrect, incomplete or unlawfully processed data. If it is unclear whether the data processed about you is incorrect or incomplete or is being processed unlawfully, you can request that the processing of your data be restricted until this question has been finally clarified. We ask you to note that these rights complement each other, so that you can only request either the correction or completion of your data or their deletion.

Even if your personal data is correct and complete and is lawfully processed by us, you can object to the processing of this data in special, justified individual cases.

You can receive the data we process about you, provided we have received it from you, in a machine-readable format specified by us, or you can commission us to transmit this data directly to a third party of your choice, provided that this recipient allows us to do so from a technical point of view and the data transmission does not conflict with any unreasonable effort or legal or other confidentiality obligations or confidentiality considerations on our part or on the part of third parties.

If we have received and process your data based on your consent, you can revoke this consent at any time with the result that we will no longer process your data for the purposes stated in the consent once we have received the revocation of consent. The revocation of the consent does not affect the legality of the processing carried out because of the consent up to the point of revocation.

For all your concerns, we ask you to contact us via the above-mentioned data protection officer. If there are justified doubts about your identity, we ask you to provide proof of your identity, for example by sending an electronic copy of your ID.

While we do our best to protect the privacy and integrity of your information, we cannot rule out disagreements about how we use your information. If you are of the opinion that we are using your data in an inadmissible manner, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority for data protection.


  • Are you obliged to provide the data?

There is no contractual or legal obligation to provide your data. In this case, however, you cannot use the SOS-EU-ALP app and must dial the appropriate emergency numbers yourself using your mobile phone.


  • Data security

We use appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from manipulation, loss and access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological developments.